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Frequently asked questions

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How do you keep our data safe and protected?

We built ChargePay from the ground up with security in focus. ChargePay uses best-in-class SSL encryption. All of our integrations (Shopify, PayPal) are built with the official API’s and all of them are approved by the platforms.

How much does it cost to use ChargePay?

ChargePay is FREE for anyone to start using. Once you start winning chargebacks, we will charge 20% only for the chargebacks you win, simple.

Are there any contracts, minimum fees or setup fees?

No additional costs or strange commitments. At ChargePay we believe in keeping our customers happy. You are free to cancel whenever you’d like, and there are no hidden fees, whatsoever.

Does ChargePay guarantee a win-rate?

ChargePay has one of the highest win rates in the industry. Although, we don’t have any control over who wins and who lose. That’s totally up to the banks and payment companies.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee with ChargePay?

We charge you flat 20% only for the chargebacks you win. So if you don't win a chargeback, you don't pay anything. Still not happy? We would love to hear from you.

Which payment platforms does ChargePay support?

ChargePay automates chargebacks for over 38 payment processors. See the latest integrations here.

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