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ChargePay Helps Blue Friends to Recover Lost Shopify Chargeback Revenue

Blue Friends, an outdoor lifestyle brand, encountered a significant hurdle with rising Shopify chargebacks. Explore the brand's quest to navigate this operational storm.

This case study explores how ChargePay Services played a pivotal role in transforming Blue Friends chargeback resolution process, from initial challenges to the ultimate solution.

The Challenge

Blue Friends, the sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand, encountered significant challenges in their business operations. For the past eight months, they had been grappling with stagnant sales, which was primarily attributed to a surge in chargeback requests. Initially, Blue Friends considered these chargebacks as an inevitable part of their business, as their chargeback ratio stood at a manageable 0.3%.

However, their situation took a concerning turn as fraudulent Shopify chargebacks began to rise, causing their chargeback ratio to spike to 0.8%. This placed them dangerously close to losing the trust of Shopify, as the chargeback ratio threshold set by the platform was 1%.

The manual effort required to collect all the necessary evidence and maintain records of chargeback disputes became an overwhelming and time-consuming task for Blue Friends. Furthermore, the impact of these fraudulent chargebacks on their profit margins was substantial, resulting in a 4% loss in gross profit.

In this challenging scenario, Blue Friends sought a solution to efficiently manage and mitigate the impact of these chargebacks on their business.

The Solution

In response to the critical situation they were facing, Blue Friends turned to ChargePay for a solution that could effectively address their Shopify chargeback challenges. ChargePay swiftly stepped in to assist, and the transformation began.

1. Seamless Integration

ChargePay initiated the process by seamlessly integrating with Blue Friends' Shopify store and payment account. This integration was remarkably simple, requiring just two clicks to set up. ChargePay was well-positioned to provide immediate assistance by linking directly to their systems.

2. Advanced-Data Collection with AI and ML

Leveraging advanced AI and ML algorithms, ChargePay embarked on collecting crucial data from over 60 data points. This comprehensive data collection allowed for a thorough evaluation of the situation. Using its innovative PredictScore® technology, ChargePay estimated the potential savings and time benefits for Blue Friends. The prediction indicated that they could recover up to $15,365 in lost revenue and save a significant amount of time, equivalent to seven full workdays.

3. The Power of WinResponse®

ChargePay introduced its groundbreaking WinResponse® system, which became an invaluable asset in this endeavor. WinResponse® is a fully automated, hands-free AI representment generator. It efficiently crafts dispute responses and communicates with banks to convey Blue Friends' strong commitment to fighting fraudulent chargebacks.

4. SyncTrack® for Enhanced Performance

ChargePay's AI systems, complemented by SyncTrack® tracking capabilities, played a pivotal role in enhancing the chances of winning chargeback disputes. By synchronizing and tracking deliveries and other critical information, ChargePay bolstered its position in the battle against fraudulent chargebacks.


In a mere 52 days, Blue Friends witnessed a remarkable transformation in its chargeback management process, marking a significant turning point in its recent history. The partnership with ChargePay yielded exceptional results, showcasing an outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) that exceeded expectations.

1. 3.8X Increase in Chargeback Success Rate

Within just two months of enlisting ChargePay's support, Blue Friends experienced a remarkable 3.8-fold increase in its chargeback success rate. This substantial improvement highlighted the swift and effective resolution of chargeback disputes, demonstrating ChargePay's prowess in managing Shopify chargebacks.

2. 100% Improvement in Response Submission Rate

In the same short timeframe, Blue Friends achieved a noteworthy 100% enhancement in its chargeback response submission rate. This rapid improvement underscored the efficiency gains made possible by ChargePay's seamless integration with Shopify.

3. 74% Reduction in Fraudulent Chargebacks

Blue Friends celebrated a significant 74% reduction in fraudulent chargebacks within the span of 52 days. This marked reduction was a testament to the quick and impactful response to fraudulent activities facilitated by ChargePay's advanced AI systems.

4. Improved Chargeback Rate

The combined effect of a high win rate in chargeback disputes and fewer chargebacks due to enhanced payment systems and refined policies led to an overall improved chargeback rate of 0.38% for Blue Friends within the brief two-month period. This reflected the comprehensive transformation in chargeback management.

5. Resource Reallocation and Strategic Investment

With the efficiency gains achieved through ChargePay's solutions, Blue Friends efficiently reallocated resources, enabling them to focus on producing more eco-friendly products within just two months. This strategic move positioned them for future innovation and growth, aligning with their sustainability goals.

These remarkable achievements, all realized within the span of 52 days, solidified ChargePay's role as a transformative partner in Blue Friends' journey. The rapid and substantial ROI Blue Friends experienced underscored the effectiveness and efficiency of ChargePay's solutions, making it a pivotal moment in the company's recent history.

ChargePay's impact on our business has been truly transformative in just a few months. Before partnering with them, chargeback challenges were draining our resources and stifling growth, with a success rate under 15%. But with ChargePay, everything changed. Their seamless integration with our Stripe account and AI-driven solutions turned the tide. In a mere two months, our chargeback success rate surged fourfold, our response submission rate improved by 100%, and we witnessed a remarkable 57% reduction in fraudulent chargebacks.

This partnership delivered the best ROI we've seen in recent times, thanks to ChargePay's efficiency, precision, and unwavering commitment to our success.

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