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ChargePay Integration for Shopify Chargeback Management & Recovery

Manage Chargebacks and Recover Lost Shopify Chargebacks with ChargePay Integration.


Trusted by Thousands of Businesses  Across Various Industries

Manage and Recover Lost Shopify Chargeback Revenue With ChargePay Chargeback Management App

Are you tired of dealing with Shopify chargebacks and looking for a reliable solution?

Look no further than ChargePay! Our powerful integration with Shopify offers a seamless way to manage chargebacks and protect your hard-earned revenue.

ChargePay Fully Automated Integration

Seamless way to Manage Lost Shopify Chargebacks

Prevention & Recovery

Protect your hard-earned revenue

Easy, fast, efficient

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3


Visit the Shopify App Store
Begin by visiting the Shopify App Store and search for "ChargePay", our Shopify Chargeback App.


Install the ChargePay Shopify Chargeback Management App
Once you've found ChargePay, simply install our Chargeback Management App for instant integration.


Integrate Your Shopify Account
Connect your Shopify account with ChargePay, and let our highly adaptive AI system take over. It will perform a comprehensive analysis of your payment processes, setting the stage for automated Shopify chargeback management.

What can you expect from ChargePay?

1. Automated Shopify Chargeback Management
Our cutting-edge AI system kicks into action, analyzing your payment processes and pinpointing potential vulnerabilities. By automating Shopify chargeback management, we help you stay one step ahead of Shopify disputes.
2. PredictScore and AI-Representment
After the analysis, you'll receive a PredictScore, offering valuable insights into the likelihood of chargebacks. Plus, our AI-powered representment strategies work tirelessly to recover funds on your behalf.
3. Impressive Success Rate
With ChargePay's state-of-the-art AI system at your side, you can achieve an impressive 85% success rate in winning Shopify chargebacks. Say goodbye to revenue loss and hello to financial security!

Don't let chargebacks drain your resources and profits. Embrace the power of ChargePay's Shopify integration and protect your online business like never before. Get started today and experience the future of chargeback management.

Unlock Remarkable Results with ChargePay in Shopify Payments

250% Increase in Lost Shopify Chargeback Recovery

Watch in amazement as your chargeback recovery soars to new heights. With our integrated solution, you can recoup more of your hard-earned revenue than ever before.

Significantly Reduce Chargeback Ratio

Bid farewell to high chargeback ratios that can harm your business. ChargePay helps you reduce your chargeback ratio, improving your overall financial health.

50% Reduction in Fraudulent Chargebacks

Our advanced fraud detection capabilities slash fraudulent chargebacks in half. Protect your business from deceitful disputes and preserve your bottom line.

80% Success Rate

Join the ranks of successful businesses effortlessly winning Shopify chargebacks. ChargePay's expertise and AI-driven strategies ensure you're on the winning side of disputes, with an impressive 80% success rate.

Remarkable 4X Return on Investment (ROI)

Your investment in ChargePay pays off fourfold. Witness substantial returns as you recover revenue, reduce chargebacks, and optimize your business operations.

Why Choose ChargePay for Shopify Chargeback Management & Recovery?

100% AI Automation Tailored

Experience seamless automation customized specifically for Shopify chargebacks. ChargePay harnesses the power of AI to rapidly generate winning representments for new chargebacks.

Tailored Exclusively for Shopify

ChargePay is designed exclusively for Shopify, making it your trusted partner in recovering up to 80% of previously lost revenue. Our specialized focus ensures the best results for your Shopify business.

AI-Powered Chargeback Resolution

ChargePay's AI continuously adapts and learns to identify chargeback fraud, offering automatic protection for your Shopify store. Count on us to counter fraudulent schemes and safeguard your business.

Prevent Fraud with Chargeback Alerts

Stay one step ahead of fraudulent chargebacks with ChargePay's proactive chargeback alerts. By reducing your chargeback ratio and stopping friendly fraud in its tracks, you can protect your Shopify business effectively.


Achieve an unmatched 85% win rate with WinResponse®, surpassing all competitors, including inexperienced in-house teams. Count on ChargePay to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Commitment to Excellence

At ChargePay, our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart in the field of chargeback management services. We're dedicated to helping your Shopify business thrive while ensuring your peace of mind.

Get Started

Don't let chargebacks hinder your Shopify success. Embrace ChargePay, and together, we'll secure your business's financial future. Take the next step towards worry-free chargeback management by integrating ChargePay today.

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