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AI-Automated Stripe Chargeback Recovery & Management

Manage Chargebacks and Recover Lost Revenue with ChargePay Stripe Chargeback Management.

Easy, fast, efficient

Win & Recover Stripe Chargeback in 3 Simple Steps


Visit the Stripe Marketplace and search for "ChargePay." Then, proceed to install the ChargePay Stripe Chargeback Management App.


Integrate your Stripe account with ChargePay, and our highly adaptive AI system will initiate an analysis of your payment processes. This analysis will enable the automation of Stripe chargeback recovery.


Upon completion of the analysis, you will receive a PredictScore and AI-representment. With ChargePay's cutting-edge AI system, you can achieve an impressive 85% success rate in winning chargebacks.

Experience remarkable results

Embrace the future of Chargeback management with ease and efficiency.

  • Business owners can now free up their valuable time, as Chargeback handling becomes a thing of the past.
  • Achieve an astounding 250% increase in Chargeback Recovery, all while significantly reducing your Chargeback Ratio.
  • Enjoy a remarkable 50% reduction in fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Join the ranks of businesses winning effortlessly, with an impressive 80% success rate.
  • Witness a remarkable 4X return on investment (ROI) with Stripe Chargeback Protection.

Only Stripe Chargeback management & recovery you need

100% AI Automation for Stripe Chargeback Management & Recovery

Experience seamless automation tailored for Stripe. ChargePay utilizes AI to swiftly create winning representments for new chargebacks.

Tailored for Stripe: ChargePay's Specialization

Built exclusively for Stripe, ChargePay is your dedicated partner in recovering up to 80% of previously lost revenue.

AI-Powered Chargeback Resolution

ChargePay's AI adapts and learns to identify chargeback fraud, providing automatic protection for your business and countering fraudulent schemes.

Chargeback alerts

Stay ahead with our proactive notification system, alerting you to potential chargebacks in real time, and allowing you to take prompt action.

Success-based pricing

With ChargePay, you only pay when we successfully resolve disputes, at a competitive rate of 20% per successful resolution.

Built for security

ChargePay holds certifications in SOC 2 and GDPR, ensuring your data and transactions are handled with the highest level of security.

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