Revulutionizing chargeback resolution

ChargePay Helped WhiteLic Win Chargebacks During Technology Improvement

WhiteLic, a technology company specializing in link building and outreach, encountered significant hurdles while scaling its technology and refining AI-generated emails for outreach.

This case study explores how ChargePay Services played a pivotal role in transforming WhiteLic's chargeback resolution process, from initial challenges to the ultimate solution.

Challenges Faced

Three primary challenges hampered their progress:

1. Fraudulent Claims

WhiteLic faced a rising tide of fraudulent chargeback claims, stemming from unauthorized transactions or malicious intent. These claims not only drained valuable resources but also eroded trust in the customer base.

2. Service Not as Described

Disputes over service quality occasionally arose, as some customers believed the delivered service did not align with their expectations, affecting the company's reputation and customer satisfaction.

3. Unwanted Recurring Payments

Unintentional sign-ups for recurring payment plans led to refund requests and disputes, necessitating a delicate balance between customer retention and addressing valid concerns.

Each of these challenges required WhiteLic's time and attention, diverting resources from its core mission of technological advancement and service enhancement. ChargePay emerged as the partner capable of resolving these issues and refocusing WhiteLic on its growth trajectory and business scaling.

The Solution

1. 15% Success Rate & Rising Workloads

WhiteLic was stuck dealing with chargebacks, and it was taking up a lot of time. Their success rate in resolving these issues was less than 15%, and all the manual work seemed to be in vain.

2. WhiteLic's Stripe Chargeback Solution

Then came ChargePay to the rescue. With just two clicks, they connected to WhiteLic's Stripe account and gathered data from more than 50 sources to understand the whole chargeback process.

3. WhiteLic's Auto-Defense Against Fraud

ChargePay's super-smart AI system kicked into action. It automatically created responses to win back chargebacks and even spotted fraud cases. For the first time, WhiteLic had an AI buddy that did everything on its own, without needing any human help.

4. From Chargebacks to Core Tech

With ChargePay on their side, WhiteLic could finally stop worrying about chargebacks and focus on what they do best: making their tech awesome and serving their customers better. ChargePay made everything simple and stress-free for them.


In a mere two months, WhiteLic witnessed a remarkable transformation in its chargeback management process, resulting in the best Return on Investment (ROI) it had experienced in recent times. These achievements included:

1. 4x Increase in Chargeback Success Rate

WhiteLic's chargeback success rate surged within just two months of partnering with ChargePay. This substantial improvement demonstrated a swift and effective resolution of chargeback disputes.

2. 100% Improvement in Response Submission Rate

In the same short timeframe, WhiteLic achieved a noteworthy 100% enhancement in its chargeback response submission rate. This rapid improvement underscored the efficiency gains made possible by ChargePay's integration.

3. 57% Reduction in Fraudulent Chargebacks

WhiteLic experienced a significant 57% reduction in fraudulent chargebacks within two months. This marked reduction was a testament to the quick and impactful response to fraudulent activities enabled by ChargePay.

4. Improved Chargeback Rate

The combined effect of a high win rate in chargeback disputes and fewer chargebacks due to enhanced payment systems and refined policies led to an overall improved chargeback rate for WhiteLic within the brief two-month period.

5. Resource Reallocation and Strategic Investment

WhiteLic efficiently reallocated resources, enabling them to hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) within just two months. This strategic move positioned them for future innovation and growth.

I can't express enough how ChargePay has transformed our business in just a matter of months. The journey we've been on with them has been nothing short of remarkable.

Before we partnered with ChargePay, we were grappling with chargeback issues that were draining our resources and hindering our growth. Our success rate was less than 15%, and the manual effort we put in seemed futile.

But then came ChargePay, and everything changed. In just two clicks, they seamlessly integrated with our Stripe account and gathered vital data that helped us understand and manage chargebacks better. Their AI system was a game-changer. It not only auto-generated responses to win back chargebacks but also identified fraudulent cases with incredible accuracy.

In just two months, our chargeback success rate increased fourfold, and our response submission rate improved by 100%. We also witnessed a substantial 57% reduction in fraudulent chargebacks. The overall chargeback rate improved significantly, all thanks to ChargePay.

I can confidently say that the partnership with ChargePay delivered the best Return on Investment (ROI) we've had in recent times. Their efficiency, accuracy, and commitment to our success have been truly outstanding.

Kai Rodriguez
CEO of WhiteLic


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