Ticketing Business Finance Transformation with AI Chargeback Management

No money, no ticket. It should be that simple but with friendly fraud chargebacks, it never is until you implement ChargePay.

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Improve Customer Experience by Streamlining Chargeback Complexities

  • Managing chargebacks disrupts ticketing revenue flow
  • Identifying genuine customer disputes among chargebacks can be challenging
  • Distinguishing friendly fraud from legitimate claims is a constant struggle
  • Manual chargeback handling consumes valuable resources and time
  • Protecting ticketing revenue often leads to customer friction
  • Keeping up with evolving fraud tactics complicates chargeback management
  • Maintaining a positive reputation with payment providers is crucial but difficult amidst chargeback disputes

Streamline Ticketing Operations

  • Automatically contest and win up to 3.5X more chargebacks with ChargePay's AI-driven solution
  • Reclaim over 80% of revenue typically lost to chargebacks, bolstering profitability
  • Effortlessly integrate with leading payment processors, including PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, and more
  • Accelerate chargeback workflow automation, saving valuable time and resources
  • Boost brand trust and reputation with payment providers and customers alike
  • Experience a 68% increase in saved revenue and a 3.5x chargeback win-rate, as reported by ChargePay users
  • Save up to 30 hours of weekly effort and reclaim 75% of lost revenue, allowing your team to focus on growth and customer satisfaction
  • Benefit from ChargePay's #1 rated chargeback automation solution trusted by businesses for incredible results

The new way with AI

With ChargePay, you can shift your focus to refining ticketing services, delivering exceptional experiences, and expanding your business reach while ChargePay seamlessly handle your Ticketing Chargebacks.

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