Revulutionizing chargeback resolution

ChargePay Helps NovMart Win “Item Not Recieved” PayPal Dispute

Facing a surge in 'Item Not Received' disputes on PayPal, NovMart turned to ChargePay. With tailored strategies and proactive measures, ChargePay empowered NovMart to significantly improve their resolution outcomes, ensuring customer satisfaction while safeguarding the company's revenue.

This case study explores how ChargePay Services played a pivotal role in transforming NovMart's chargeback resolution process, from initial challenges to the ultimate solution.

The Challenge

NovMart has encountered a significant challenge with PayPal chargebacks for items not received since Easter 2022. This problem arose due to a surge in sales and a high volume of orders during that period, leading to some deliveries being inadvertently missed, primarily due to merchant error. However, the more pressing issue has been friendly fraud, where certain customers, or more accurately, fraudulent individuals, have been using stolen credit cards and fake addresses to exploit PayPal's refund proces.

To Cope with this challenge, they contact ChargPay to assist them with our fully automated PayPal Chargeback Management Solution.

ChargePay’s Solution

NovMart faced delays in expanding its customer base through an aggressive social media marketing campaign due to revenue losses and the time-consuming manual management of chargebacks and responses. However, when ChargePay came on board, the situation took a swift turn.

With just two simple clicks, ChargePay seamlessly integrated its system with NovMart's PayPal and Shopify e-commerce platform. Using our innovative PredictScore®, we estimated that NovMart could save a substantial $10,000 in dispute resolution costs and reclaim 4 days of valuable time previously spent on manual processes.

Our robust API gathered data from over 60 sources, meticulously analyzing current responses and disputes, as well as historical chargeback outcomes. This comprehensive data was then utilized by our cutting-edge AI system to craft AI representments through WinResponse®.

Lastly, our SyncTrack® solution ensured that item deliveries were tracked accurately, significantly enhancing NovMart's ability to counter fraudulent claims effectively.


1. 4x Dispute Win Rate in 2 Months

NovMart achieved remarkable results with ChargePay's assistance. In just two months of effortless management, they witnessed a staggering 4x increase in their win rate. This means they successfully resolved four times as many disputes as before.

2. 80% Recovery, 38% Less Fraud

Furthermore, NovMart saw an impressive 80 percent success rate in recovering and preventing revenue loss. Our expert recommendations for refining their refund policy, coupled with machine learning analysis to identify payment system weaknesses, reduced friendly fraud cases by a significant 38 percent.

3. Revenue Protected with Chargeback Alerts

With our chargeback alerts, fraudulent transactions were detected and stopped before they could escalate into disputes. This proactive approach safeguarded NovMart's revenue and reputation.

4. Backed by ChargePay's Expertise

Buoyed by these successes and newfound time savings, NovMart confidently launched a mega campaign with Instagram influencers, knowing that ChargePay had their chargeback management needs under control.

5. Profitable Through Challenges

NovMart highly valued ChargePay's success-driven pricing model, transparent procedures, user-friendly dashboard, and outstanding customer support. This recognition underscored their confidence that, with ChargePay's assistance, they could remain profitable regardless of the hurdles they encountered.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for ChargePay's exceptional services. As the founder of NovMart, I have faced considerable challenges with chargebacks and fraud in recent times. ChargePay's comprehensive solutions and expert guidance have been instrumental in helping us navigate these turbulent waters.

Their professional team and innovative tools have significantly reduced our chargeback rate, mitigating the risk of account suspension. This, in turn, has safeguarded our revenue and business reputation. I highly recommend ChargePay to any business facing similar challenges; their business solutions are a game-changer. Thank you, ChargePay, for your invaluable support in these critical times.

Travis Douglas
Founder, NovMart


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