Revulutionizing chargeback resolution

ChargePay Helped SwiftCart Manage PayPal Chargebacks and Recover 76% Lost Revenue

SwiftCart is an online e-commerce store specializing in customizable tri-shirts and pants. Established in 2021, the company experienced significant growth in sales during festive seasons, particularly around Christmas. However, despite its success, SwiftCart faced a major challenge with rising PayPal chargebacks, impacting its revenue stream.

The Challenge

Since 2021, SwiftCart encountered a surge in PayPal chargebacks, primarily attributed to the 'Merchandise not as described' dispute category. The nature of selling customizable clothing items made the business vulnerable to customer dissatisfaction and fraudulent activities. 

As a consequence, SwiftCart found itself allocating a substantial 20% of its seed capital to combat and manage the increasing chargeback cases.

The Solution

In December 2022, following a successful Christmas sales period but with a subsequent high dispute rate, SwiftCart decided to seek a more effective and automated solution. The company turned to ChargePay, an AI-driven chargeback management system, to address the challenges posed by PayPal chargebacks.

To kickstart the process, SwiftCart utilized ChargePay's PredictScore to assess the potential recovery. The tool estimated a substantial $12,000 in recoverable funds, and WinResponse suggested a promising 78% chance of success over the next four months.


1. Immediate Management of Existing Disputes

ChargePay swiftly took charge of SwiftCart's existing disputes, leading to the recovery of $7,000 within the first three months.

2. Strategic Predictive Analysis

The use of PredictScore allowed SwiftCart to gain insights into the potential recovery amount, providing a proactive approach to managing and resolving chargebacks.

3. 78% Recovery Rate

As per WinResponse's prediction, SwiftCart experienced a 78% recovery rate, exceeding expectations and significantly reducing the financial impact of chargebacks on the business.

4. Financial Relief

The successful integration of ChargePay brought about a 76% recovery of lost revenue for SwiftCart, providing much-needed financial relief and allowing the company to allocate resources more efficiently.

ChargePay's AI-powered chargeback management proved to be a game-changer for SwiftCart, offering an efficient and effective solution to tackle rising PayPal chargebacks and recover a substantial portion of lost revenue.

The strategic use of predictive analytics provided valuable insights, enabling SwiftCart to navigate and mitigate the challenges associated with chargeback disputes successfully.

ChargePay has proven to be a game-changer for SwiftCart in managing PayPal chargebacks and recovering lost revenue. As the CEO, I sought a solution that could address the challenges posed by chargeback disputes efficiently.

ChargePay isn't just a solution; it's a strategic partner. I highly recommend it to businesses dealing with chargeback challenges. With ChargePay, you're getting an efficient and reliable SaaS solution for chargeback management.

Emily Mitchell
CEO, SwiftCart


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