Revulutionizing chargeback resolution

Revitalizing SignVear: How ChargePay Transformed a Sustainable Fashion Brand's Financial Landscape

SignVear is an online fashion store specializing in sustainable men's formal shirts and pants. The brand distinguishes itself through its commitment to eco-friendly practices, sourcing sustainable fabrics, and adopting ethical production methods.

Notably, SignVear offers a unique touch by incorporating a customer's signature on the pocket of each formal shirt, adding a personalized and exclusive element to the clothing. The brand aims to cater to environmentally conscious consumers while providing a distinctive and personalized shopping experience.

The Challenge

SignVear was dealing with a big problem: a significant increase in credit card chargebacks and friendly fraud. Every month, the store is losing about $40,000 due to credit card chargebacks and an additional $35,000 because of friendly fraud.

The situation has become even more serious because the rate of credit card chargebacks has shot up from 0.13 percent to 0.8 percent since last Christmas. This increase is directly linked to a rise in friendly fraud cases during the holiday season.

Despite using a fraud prevention solution and having someone specifically handling chargebacks, SignVear is struggling to cope. The large number of daily transactions is making these measures less effective.

As a result, the store has lost a staggering $236,000 to chargebacks, making its financial situation worse.

SignVear must address this challenge. As the losses continue to pile up, the company needs to take a closer look at why this is happening, rethink its fraud prevention methods, and find new ways to protect itself from these financial setbacks.

In doing so, SignVear aims to secure its financial stability and maintain a good reputation in the competitive online fashion market.

Chargepay's Solution

In a bid to overcome its financial woes stemming from credit card chargebacks and friendly fraud, SignVear turned to ChargePay in March 2023. Known as the world's most advanced AI-driven chargeback management system, ChargePay came highly recommended in the e-commerce market.

The decision proved to be a turning point for SignVear, bringing a glimmer of hope after a year of financial turmoil.

Upon requesting a demo, SignVear witnessed promising initial results. Integration with ChargePay was seamless, taking just two clicks to link with SignVear's PayPal account, eliminating the need for any manual effort on the store's part. 

The system's AI then sprang into action, employing Automated Dispute Retrieval to gather all essential data for ongoing disputes from 60 different points. Simultaneously, it analyzed common errors contributing to these disputes.

The crucial turning point came with PredictScore, a feature of ChargePay, projecting that it could save and recover $120,000 from chargebacks over the last four months, with an impressive 85% prediction of recovery and success.

Buoyed by this forecast, SignVear proceeded to the next step.

WinResponse, an AI-generated representment, was crafted and dispatched to the payment processor, initiating the dispute resolution process.

 This strategic move marked a proactive approach by SignVear, leveraging ChargePay's capabilities to not only mitigate ongoing losses but also to potentially recover a substantial portion of the previously incurred chargebacks.


  1. The dispute win rate quadrupled in 3 months.
  2. Achieved 80% revenue recovery and an 80% drop in friendly fraud.
  3. Launched New Merchant series with ChargePay automation.
  4. Reduced chargeback rate from 0.8% to 0.43% in 5 months.

The decision to implement ChargePay bore fruit for SignVear, evident in the impressive results achieved over the subsequent months.

First and foremost, the store experienced a substantial fourfold increase in its dispute win rate within just three months, demonstrating the efficacy of ChargePay's AI-driven dispute resolution.

Financially, the impact was profound, with an impressive 80% recovery of lost revenue and a parallel 80% reduction in instances of friendly fraud.

SignVear, buoyed by the success of ChargePay, took a proactive step by initiating the New Merchant series, leveraging the automation capabilities seamlessly integrated with ChargePay.

The strategic implementation of ChargePay contributed significantly to SignVear's overall resilience, resulting in a remarkable reduction of the chargeback rate from 0.8% to a more sustainable 0.43% within five months.

These tangible outcomes underscore the transformative effect of ChargePay, not only in reclaiming lost revenue but also in fortifying SignVear's position in the competitive landscape of online sustainable fashion.

"ChargePay came to our rescue when we were drowning in credit card chargebacks and facing the menace of friendly fraud. Within just three months, we witnessed a fourfold increase in dispute wins, securing our financial stability. The automation seamlessly integrated into our operations, empowering us to launch the New Merchant series. A crucial ally for any business battling financial uncertainties!"

Zack Moh
SignVear Founder


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